Wood chip bucket development.

After some market research and the lack of availability of the right product for the task, JLW’s team get to the drawing board to create an attachment that’s is just for the job.

Painted and ready for operational trials.

Martin putting the finishing touches to the fabrication.

Toe tip feature gives the JCB TM320 the much needed extra reach as well as a rapid ejection of the bucket into the massive walking floor trailers that are now being presented in the wood chip job.

Crucial feature of the design is the open grid on the upper back section allowing driver forward visibility when manoeuvring around sites and when filling the bucket.

This attachment allows the JCB TM320 to work much nearer its capacity as the wood chip is particularly bulky weighing in at ~250kg per cu3. The design also puts the weight back over the carriage increasing machine stability when loaded.

Angle indicator plates allows the operator to tell when cutting edge is level with the floor.