“We are back”

We are back with full capabilities in our port operations again. After the major set backs due to the crane fire and dump truck collision. Over the weekend we have ran some operational test on our Moxy mt26 and the Liehbeer 944 dock handler to ensure they are ready for a busy week ahead, ironing out unforeseen problems.

Root cause of the fire a main hydraulic hose that blow off, this pumping hot oil onto exhaust and the turbocharger. Take care out there things happen so quickly.

Praise to WoS Transport and JLW solutions staff for there ingenuity in the recovery of the 944 from the quayside allowing us to continue all port operations with the assistance from our friends at JST port services.

[wpvideo ZmnDcHo8 ]

The hart of the machine is now like new as a result of the attention to detail from Liebherr Bathgate where the repairs were carried out with only minor snags after our hot work tests.

credit to JLW solutions Graeme Monaghan for blasting and painting the fire damaged panels in a timely fashion to keep with Liebherrs build program.