Rothesay dock through the years….

Opening day in 1907, a Clyde paddle steamer entering Rothesay dock through the 61m entrance between the river Clyde and the Rothesay basin
Rothesay historically was fuel and iron ore providing loading facilities for coal, iron ore and oil to and for vessels as they left port Glasgow. Strategically located with several rail links and being the last dock facility in the port of Glasgow as ships traveled out the Clyde to sea.
Impressive rail network which feed the dock are all gone now as is the John brown ship yard in the background with today only the titan crane and a few bits of rail reminding us of this thriving time.
Clydebank Port Service’s was born to this abandoned overground Rothesay dock site, the brain child of John Hodgkinson
Early 2015 John Hodgkinson and Duncan Hughes viewing site, from then till now a colossal amount has been achieved.
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