Rothesay dock continues to service the ships of the Clyde.

Rothesay dock was traditionally a coaling and general cargo dock, where you would gain your water, fuel and supplies as you left the port of Glasgow heading out the Clyde to sea, or transfer your cargo to or from the water to the rail network with goods accessible to the entire country, the lifting was all done by cutting edge electric powered crane the first port in the country to champion these back in 1907.

Today it’s no difference all these years later Rothesay dock site serves the ships of the Clyde, with its new owners Peel Ports and assisted by JLW solutions Ltd today overseeing fuel bunkering, supply deliveries to the MV Hirta, which is like Christmas for the poor sailors as box after box of stores are loaded.

General and project cargos now roll in and out daily not by rail but through the road transport network, The electric rail mounted cranes have long gone for a more modern material handler solutions but this is not to say they will not be an electrical version as we strive to reach greener targets.