QDS diving on the Clyde

JLW Solutions and Quay Diving Services pull together with there working partnership fitting anode protection on the innovative district heating installation at the Queens Quay development in Clydebank.

One of the Clydes iconic cranes towers over the site. Now a high level bar and bungee jumping spot, changed days for Browns busy shipyard.

Main Contracter George Leslie along with QDS and JLW all pull together in a pleasant working environment in a tight corner of the work site as this part of the job comes near to completion.

Mud anode attachment points welded and marked up ready for the anode.

Anodes hanging ready for the JLW Solutions’s welder to attach the tops to the piles when the tide is out.

The diver coming up after sub welding to attach the bottom of the anode.

QDS’s work boat is ideal for JLW welding from with its hard plastic construction.