Poppy floral brings Christmas to Edinburgh and beyond….

The Chris Stewart groups amazing Hotel Grand in Edinburgh’s new town gets the Poppy Floral Christmas makeover for another year.

JLW solutions support Poppy Floral in every way with the logistic of the massive undertaking.

Decorating a two storey Christmas tree is a interesting task for our team but made easier with our scissor lift.

These have to be the most photographed toy soldiers with our work having to pause for many times as passers by get there photos with the big guys.

Lyn Wilson the driving force behind Poppy Floral putting the finishing touches to the exterior garlands, very tastefully done.

Hawksmoor’s grandest establishments, Edinburgh’s meat eaters paradise get the Poppy Floral touch.

The old bank of Scotland head quarters has the most important spectacular architecture and requiring spectacular Christmas decorations where Poppy doesn’t fail.

With these floral talents being recognised thought out Hawksmoor chain, Lyn also ventures south of the boarder to there Manchester outlet.

Marriott’s Courtyard and Lantern room also get into the Christmas spirit with unique arch installations from Poppy Floral.