Monsters of demolition

One of BAMs hitachi 1200 a real monster in the demolition field

Brown and Masons 1200 hitachi set up with a bespoke muncher attachment get the JLW solutions treatment, we endeavour to keep this machine productive in it primary demolition duties pulling the tangled blow down material apart for further processing

Crack repairs, credit to the operator who flagged up before total loss.
Road going trailer are kept fit for purpose.

BAMs trailers are routinely in JLW solutions workshops as the nature of the heavy demolition industry is particularly hard on these road going trailers which must be continually kept to a standard.

Visit to the dentist “new teeth please”
JLW solutions blade setup.

Good effort by team JLW this week, shears cutting well, munchers able to lifting and carry, and two trailers fit for the road, and more…..