Merry Christmas. All the best for 2019

I’m taking this quiet holiday period to look back on a busy 2018. Also to praise my loyal team who make all things possible with there constant efforts to get the job done and drive to satisfy our customers.

At our home farm work is constant with David Finlay always busying keeping it right.

Brewster boys keep all the arable land looking good,

Some of many Landfill, construction, land restoration and bespoke projects throughout the 2018.

Rock armour placement after damage from high seas.

Suction dredge operation at Longanet power station for Brown and Mason.

Ground stabilisation working for Independent Ground Stabilisation at the new Aldi distribution centre.

Borrow pit on A9 north Perth road network improvement.

MV Priscilla recovery from the rocks in the North Sea with Briggs marine and JST port services

Anaerobic digester facilitates extension at Glenrothes with Menzies.

Our new workshop we built in 2017 has also been busy with Marc Milne leading the welding repairs and Graeme Monaghan with the mechanical repairs.

Major chassis and boom repairs for a Komatsu pc600.

Attachment refurbishment for Brown and Mason, Leah international and Clydebank Port Services.

Equipment refurbishment.

Ship insurance mechanical and welding repairs.

Insurance repairs to Liebherr dock handler after a fire incident.

Just some of the good work the JLW solutions team have successfully completed.

Darren Broadley joined our team and headed up the Stevedoring and dock operations for the last 6 months pushing the venture forward. And it’s been a very quick 6 months.

JLW solutions new transport solution for our Liebherr material handler.

Our achievement not possible this year with out the assistance and back up support from JST port services

Delden crane and JLW solutions work together on many fronts. Here we are loading our blades for Mcfayden and collect transport.

WoS transport keep us on the move.

Great Mcfayden style at truckness. who most of our wind turbines work is with.

This year has seen JLW solutions handle 163500tons of bulk cargo, 50900cu3 of sawn timber and 16 wind turbine and project cargo vessels.

Happy new year to the JLW team, customer and friends alike. Keep up the momentum in 2019.