Material handling solution


JLW Solutions build on the relationship with McGraths. Forfilling the challenge set to the team to provide a handling system for a difficult flour product that they deliver by ship to support the demand in Scotland. 

 we sourced a viper screener, old faithful in the screening world, recovered it back to JLW’s workshops where it became the doner base machine for our feeder hopper and conveyor solution. 


Stripped back to the basics and removal of unnecessary equipment gave us a simple  raw machine to build off. Engine service and some minor engine repairs as well as a few new hydraulic hoses saw us ready to running function tests.  

  A massive hopper extension was designed to suit  JST’s bulk handling grabs allowing the grab to empty on product inside the hopper reducing dust at this point. We also fitted an adjustable rate control flap on the hopper to allow the operator to easily control the output rate which changes with  each product.  
 Conical funnel is fitted to the end of the conveyor, on hinges so it can be stored away if not required but with the intention of dust reduction, controlling the product coming off the conveyor, as well as making the machine more versatile and able to load bulk tankers Lorrys. 

 safty panelling installed where required and a quick coat of paint. Mcfayden transport it straight to the dock to an awaiting 800ton flour trial squeezed on a vessel in with McGrath grit products.  

 Well done to all involved from the development to implementation brilliant commitment.