Lest we forget, lest we forget!

The team at JLW solutions are involved with the erection of one of the Beacons of light. These are being dotted all over the UK to commemorate the war dead from the Great War.

The beacon we are involved with is positioned on the old Limekilns pier on the banks of the Firth of Forth, in times passed a strategic shipping and crossing point over the river and currently in sight of Crombie MOD depot, Babcock facility at Rosyth and the three bridges over the river.

Credit must be given to;

Babcock Rosyth apprentices who are responsible for the steel fabrication of the basket and the steel socket.

David Ross of Sandhurst equipment rental for the auger equipment,

Duncan Collier of Collier haulage for the concrete.

Scottish wood for the timber post, shorted than expected but never the less a big lump of timber.

And there’s many behind the scenes,

It will be great tribute to see it burning on Remembrance Sunday and Ihope for many years to come.