JLW Safeguards Beamer lighthouse.

JLW solutions play there part in protecting a part of Scotlands national marine heritage as we facilitate the movement and storage of the Beamer rock lighthouse. Ahead are plans to rebuild to its former glory as part of a development in Dalgety bay, St David’s bay.

The Beamer lighthouse stood for over 170 year protecting sailors in the Firth of Forth but the structure was dismantled piece by piece to make way for the new forth crossing. If only these stones could tell there story , they have stood watch over the Rosyth dockyard and port Edgar entrances, the creation of the three bridge over the forth, the surrender of the German naval fleet to name a just a few major events.

Credit to councillor Coleman and fife council for there vison to protect this historical asset. Also the JLW team for there soft handling skills in re packaging and movement of the precious heavy stone blocks.

It will be great to see it stand tall once again.