Good tip management is key to a successful landfill operation.

Credit to the JLW solutions team with the muck shifting god father Peter Smillie heading up our landfill operation.

Key point when running high volume of truck in to our landfill site;

– water management is critical, have a water plan and always insure there is a water outlet. Luck with weather helps too.

– good access and egress to turning and tip areas. With an in road and out road to reduce traffic pressure on roads surfaces and minimise congestion.

– work multiple tip areas and a good banks man to directing traffic to desired tip area, collect ticket and opening tipper doors to negate or minimise the need for drivers to leave there cab in this busy tip areas.

– constantly monitor and maintaining road conditions, avoiding where possible to put any trucks into the soft ground this stops trucks becoming stuck and also pulling soils onto public roads trapped between the double rear wheels on leaving the site.

Provision must be made with either Wheelwash facility on site and if necessary a road sweeper on adjoining public highways. It’s equally important that signage is in place and the equipment sufficiently lit traveling slowly on the public highway.