Global supply chain must continue.

Through these unchartered time I must give credit to my team who never fail, they have adapted a difficult working environment with new procedures which will be the new normal going forward.

Flexible working to accommodate clients

Clydebank Port Services, Forthbridge Stevedoring, and JLW solutions continue to keep playing our part of the global supply chain serviced. A busy week finishing with a vessel of Germany sawn timber.

Liebherr 944 dock handler is one of our multitool in the industry with many attachments to handle most cargos.
We provide full closed loop service.

Our developing closed loop working procedures in this case see us perform every aspect of the task with only core staff behind closed gates. Our new normal see us frequently making facilities disinfectant applications, as well as adhering to the 2m personal space and hand sanitising. Everyone involved should be commended for self policing and keeping our team safe.