Emergency outfall repair

Muir group call on JLW’s ground work experience and knowledge of the oil separator system inherited from the MOD on the Rosyth tank farm site. 

JLW are tasked with the emergency repair of a 250mm Steel pipe which at pump pressure forces all treated clean water from the site out to sea.

With our knowledge of great rapid set mortar  products avalible we make a speedy repair to the essential treatment system 

Water plug is use to stem the water flow as it sets in just 2-3mins and unlike normal concrete it didn’t shrink when curing. A stainless steel band was then fitted for extra security.

Then a quick grout bag shutter is formed round repair area, then filled with another rapid mortar renderoc plug which sets in around 20-30mins. 

 Happy and relieved customer as there system is back online in this particularly wet period.