Caterpillar system one repair 


JLW solutions workshop is busy with our own dozer repairs. We are now trailing a system one replacement track cartridge that we have developed, this is in an attempt to increase track life as well as reducing our down time and the need for clumsy track press equipment, when the tracks are on there way out but we still feel there is a bit of life there yet.

Also at a fraction of the cost of a boxlink assemble, caterpillars solution to this problem.  

 JLW Solutions cartridge assembly. 

Press fit outer bushes, to weld or not to weld ?    
Still allowing the live centre roller. Assembled without the need to remove track pad.  


Bushes can be pressed in on machine. By small hollow jack and originals removed by  skilled man with burner. 

Larger diameter than original centre pin, manufacturer from hardened steel.

Fingers crossed, thanks for the effort guys.