BAM receives JLW’s reactive support.

Arc air gouging the best way to follow cracks to source

JLW Solutions David Macgregor has a busy weekend keeping with our reactive and flexible repair services up to a standard, minimising down time for Brown And Mason’s monster machines with the colossal task of dismantling Longannet power station.

Gouging full depth of cracks
Rewelding to same as original procedure
Full penetration repair procedure where we follow cracks to source

These originally concrete pulveriser attachments have been adapted with Brown and Mason put several of these to a different use. The structure to be dismantled is technically pre cut to weaken and release major components when they blast the structural support columns. This is where these attachments then pick through the tangled mess, like a giant 4 ton hand, they picks out huge pieces and passing them to the fleet of smaller machines and burners that will then process everything and send for recycling.

Great repair Davie this is how it must be done anything less is engineering future failure.