BAM equipment maintenance programme.

JLW solutions Marc Millen, Bob Forest, Daren Broadley and Jockey Wilson all pull together with routine hard facing work, shear blade rotation and many other general repairs

Marc Milne pug cutting and preparing 60mm Hardox plate as a replacement toe plate for the Komatsu pc600 Muttly muncher.

The new toe plate allows the adapted concrete muncher to be used to lever and lift large sections of steel in the demolition process.

The stay bar on the munchers also need inspection and crack repairs as the attachment have been developed to be used for a purpose not really intended by manufacturer, this putting forces on the material and requires our experts to repair and reinforce, but credit to the manufacturer as these are particularly well made in the first instance.

Marc make it right with pin retainers.

The team busy replacing hydraulic hose, high pressure O-rings and replacement plus torque of the adapter plate bolts.

Big toys in action. Doing some running trials before all cleared to go back to production.