Oil recovery

JLW were tasked with recovering waste engine oil from Colcrete von Essen’s tug boat in preparation for it going to sea. To achieve this we used a portable constant vacuum pump with 2″ suction hose with banjo style connections. We have a vast array of hoses and equipment that attaches into this system for most […]

Stuck in the mud

JLW pull out there recovery winch to assist the JCB Fastrac out of this slippery situation. This years weather has been particularly trying, even the most simple tasks turning into costly nightmares.

Potato industry

The Wedderspoon potato drying tents have been invaluable in our potato store this season as the crop has been coming in particularly wet, this is in an attempt to reduce in store rot.

North Sea oil industry

AMT challenger is docked at rosyth dockyard with Babcock marine services, its laden with an interesting piece of equipment and becoming quite a talking point. (It’s not a rocket) it’s a mono column by ConocoPhillips designed to maximise out put from North Sea oil wells coming to the end of there time. JLW have been […]